Hi, I am a Storyteller.

A quiet moment between a father and his daughter, on her wedding day before the wedding, captured through a window. A lone tree in a lush field, covered in fog as the first rays of morning broach the horizon. Fingerprints in the dust on an old vinyl album, frozen on an old turntable with just a hint of light shining off. A playful smile and the glint in an eye of the girl behind a mask.

Photos tell a story. People, places and things, frozen in time. Be it a child's first day of school, or Senior Year. The day they became engaged, or celebrated their twentieth anniversary. Memories are to be shared. And as lasting as the internet may be, you can't hang it all over your walls.

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“Sometimes you meet a photographer and things just work. I’m so happy @bladesphoto has a sense of humor and a great eye!”