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Every shoot is special, but none like trying something completely new. "Bonnie Belair" is a pin-up girl, and wanted some new shots taken.

Now, I've never done a pin-up shoot before. But, I asked her for a Pinterest board of what she was looking for, and then went looking for similar shots from fellow photographers. From her board, and her Instagram, it was obvious that Bonnie has taste for Old School class.

I picked a location I thought would be fun, and fit for the theme, the Elliston Place Soda Shop in Nashville. The Shop is a public place, and this was a Trade shoot, so I wasn't bringing lights or flash. Bonnie brought several outfits to try, as we met up at 7AM on a Saturday morning, to get there when they opened and avoid any crowd.

The light, for photography, was horrible. But the place, the staff, and (of course) the model were perfect. Such a fun session. After a few outfit changes, and a couple of hours of shots, we left The Shop to try some natural light shots on the subfreezing Vanderbilt campus.

Editing the shots from The Shop took some work. Low light means lots of grain and loss of detail, but we still got some great photos. The Vanderbilt shots were excellent, with Bonnie pulling off a Jackie O kinda look. The sunlight really brought out her amazing eyes.

We had a lot of fun with this session. Look for more sessions from Bonnie in the future. Until then, check out the full gallery.